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So, you’ve been hit with a photo enforced ticket and you’re wondering if it’s even legal? Or maybe you’re trying to start a business and you need a kickass company name that’s legally sound. Well, fear not, my fellow clueless youth, I’m here to walk you through some legal tips that you didn’t even know you needed.

First up, let’s talk about that tentative agreement with American Airlines. What does it even mean? Is it legally binding? Who knows, but we’re about to find out! And you might want to brush up on liquor laws in Florida because, let’s face it, you’re going to need that knowledge sooner or later.

Job Hunting and Business Tips

Looking for a job? Ever heard of a property tax consultant? No? Well, maybe it’s time to consider it. And if you’re considering starting your own business, you’ll need a cool company name. Check out this free list of company name ideas for some inspiration.

Sales and Finance Tips

Are you in sales? Have you ever heard of the law of averages? It might just change your game. And if you’re into finance and agriculture, you might want to look into cooperative financing agreements. Sounds boring, but hey, it’s important stuff.

Online Business and Security Tips

If you’re running a website, you need to know about firewall rules for active directory certificate services and the cookie agreement text you need to have to keep your site legal and secure. And if you’re thinking of investing or partnering with a company, you’ll definitely need to know how to do due diligence properly.

See, legal stuff isn’t always boring and scary. Sometimes, it’s just good old fun and important knowledge to have. So go forth, my clueless youth, and conquer the legal world!